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How can we help?

Consult on product launch and development

  • Comprehensive risk assessment and solutions analysis
  • Evaluation of the project’s minimal adequacy
  • 15+ years of business development

Provide IT outstafing services

Promptly form and augment your team with our

Continue developing
an existing IT product

Analyze and improve the existing system

Develop any Turnkey
IT Product

We will quickly analyze your needs and develop a product of any complexity from scratch

Main industries
and directions


  • We provide professionals to implement the best ideas
    for developing digital products and services
  • Pre-selected and filtered candidates based on your requirements
  • No tax, insurance, facility payments
  • Ability to hire employees temporarily

Business Automation

  • What once took weeks of human effort is now
    executed in minutes.
  • We transform complex data science into a simple,
    easy-to-use tool.
  • We automatically perform the entire machine learning process (Data Scientist's work)


Creating systems for startups. We will develop the application and help with its further development.

Artificial Intelligence

Experience in the development
of artificial intelligence.

Cyber Security

  • Cyber Security Strategy
    and Digital Risk
  • Cyber Incident Response
    & Breach Response
  • Cyber Security Assessment Services


  • A strong team to develop cross-platform mobile
  • Extensive development of financial products,
    e-commerce, and many other areas
  • Experienced and trustworthy team with a personalized approach

Corporate Mobile Apps

  • For remote workers
  • Work with low-speed Internet connection
  • Full range of software engineering
  • Analytics on iPad
  • Download applications without Store

Recent projects